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            Privacy Policy

            The University of Oklahoma is committed to respecting your privacy. Should you choose to provide us with any personal information, it will only be used by The University of Oklahoma to conduct official University business.

            Read the full privacy policy.

            Minors on Campus

            Guidelines for the Norman Campus

            The University of Oklahoma has numerous campus locations and a variety of events that attract minors, whether sponsored by the University or by third parties. These guidelines are meant to serve as guidance for these valuable experiences. Please note, these guidelines may not encompass each and every encounter with a minor and should be flexible depending on the circumstances and with the approval of either a supervisor in charge of the area or facility or by the Risk Management Department in coordination with the Office of Legal Counsel.

            Below are the “Guidelines for the Norman Campus.”

            In addition, related checklists and forms for events involving minors are collected as separate documents for ease of use and submission. Please read “Guidelines for the Norman Campus” for more information about the checklists and forms. Submission information is below.

            Attachment A – Event Planning Checklist. This form is provided for convenience. This form should not be submitted to the University.

            Attachment B – Event Guidelines and Acknowledgment. For use with University and Third parties. To be completed by person in charge of sponsoring the Event.

            Attachment C – Minors Release form (University Sponsored Events) Parent/guardian signs to approve minor’s participation in Event.

            Attachment D – Minors Release form (Third Party Sponsored Events) Parent/guardian signs to approve minor’s participation in Event.

            Attachment E – Group Visitation form for Field Trips/Tours

            Attachment F – Laboratory Voluntary Release form for Minors in Labs

            Attachment G – Voluntary Mentor Research Experience in Labs

            If your event does not relate to Athletics, please submit forms via email, fax OR mail to:

            Norman Campus Contact
            Risk Management:  Amanda F. Miller,
            OUPD: (405) 325-2864
            Title IX Office: (405) 325-2215

            Athletics Contact Information
            Michael Beirne,  (405) 325-8222

            Norman policy link for Form C:

            Health Sciences Center Contact
            Risk Management:  Jennie Robison,, (405) 271-3287
            OUHSC PD 405-271-4300
            Title IX Office: Faustina Layne (405) 271-2110
            HSC policy link for Form C:  

            OU-Tulsa Contact
            For Norman campus programs, use Norman Risk Management contacts.
            For HSC and Tulsa Administrative programs, use HSC Risk Management contacts.
            Risk Management Coordinator: Bob Farringer, (918) 660-3878
            OU-Tulsa PD:  (918) 660-3900
            Title IX Office: Josh Davis (918) 660-3107
            Tulsa policy link for Form C: